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As usual, the first item I present on this page is a link to People's Party sheet on foreign policy:

People's Party Foreign Policy


Some years ago, I had an acquaintance who did his masters degree in Chinese history.  As usual when presented with an opportunity to learn a bit about something new, I questioned him periodically on the topic.  What has stuck in my mind over the years is his comment that, "Over its approximate 5,000 year history, China has always been unified by force."

We see this clearly in the Cultural Revolution under Chairman Mao.  And now it seems reasonable to conclude that  more of the same might be in store for both Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Recent events in Hong Kong are centered around the creeping application of Chinese law where up to now British law has managed to prevail in Hong Kong.

Here is a video that will likely be of interest to newer Canadians who have immigrated from China.  It also helps to provide some background for the rest of us.

Kyle Bass on the Situation in Hong Kong


Contribution of the Sun to Chinese History



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