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PPC Candidate for West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country Riding


Letter to CPSA from Eric Payne, MD, U of C



UPDATE:  August 24, 2021.  My phone is ringing of the hook and my email is piling up with questions about vaccine passports.

Please rest assured that the People's Party of Canada, and I personally stand in firm opposition to vaccine passports, forced vaccinations, lockdowns and every other Draconian measure that might be dreamed up by our totalitarian regimes in Canada, both Federal and Provincial.


My full name is Robert Douglas Bebb but I have been known by my middle name since my earliest recollections.  Please call me Doug and don't be confused if you see paperwork using my first name.

I am a semi-retired mechanical engineer and MBA, currently living at Whistler with my wife Franca.  I have a long history both at Whistler and on the Sunshine Coast that dates back to childhood.  Franca and I are supporters and annual attendees of the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts and make frequent trips to Sechelt to visit friends.

During my professional career, I lived in various locations across Canada and the United States and have acquired an appreciation of people in all regions of Canada.  My level of fluency in French is decent and always a work in progress.  I estimate 6 months of immersion will be enough.

A student of both history and geopolitics, with a good knowledge of international affairs, I am a father, an outdoor enthusiast, and an instrument-rated private pilot (FAA)

Previously viewing politics as a lost cause due to corruption, the arrival of Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party provided the glimmer of hope needed to convince me to enter the fray.  I appreciate Max Bernier's, straight forward, principled approach to politics and find all of the PPC policies to my liking.

All our policies must pass the four tests of PERSONAL FREEDOM, RESPONSIBILITY, FAIRNESS, and RESPECT.

The result of this is PPC policy being best described as classical liberal and fiscally conservative.  The People's Party is populist in its organization and is the only party with the courage to speak openly about the globalist threat to Canada's sovereignty.

We stand for freedom and against foreign interference in Canadian culture and political affairs.  More on this is available in our policy document here:

Foreign Policy & the United Nations

However I can, I am ready to help in the PPC struggle to liberate Canada from the suffocating tide of political correctness that now engulfs it.  Our first task will be to reestablish the honoured tradition of free speech.  Without free speech, democracy simply does not work.

The video below is from the freedom rally in Montreal on September 2020 and captures my views on the threats Globalism and Political Correctness pose to freedom Canada.  The second link is to a longer format audio interview from the 2019 election.   

Equal rights for all means special rights for none.


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