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Robert (Doug) Bebb, PEng, MBA

Candidate for West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country PPC Association

My full name is Robert Douglas Bebb but I have been called by my middle name since my earliest recollections.  To prevent confusion with the official paperwork I filed with Elections Canada, I have used Robert (Doug) Bebb on this website and elsewhere in my communications.  Please call me Doug.

I am a semi-retired mechanical engineer and MBA, currently living at Whistler with my wife Franca.  I have a long history both at Whistler and on the Sunshine Coast that dates back to childhood.  Franca and I remain financial supporters and annual attendees of the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts.  This year we will only be present for the reception before racing off to catch the Red-Eye to Ottawa for several days of training at a PPC event.

During my professional career, I have lived in various locations across Canada and the United States and have acquired an appreciation of people living in all regions of Canada.  My level of fluency in French is presently intermediate but will be aggressively upgraded should I be elected to Parliament.

I am an avid student of both history and geopolitics, with an excellent knowledge of international affairs. I am a father, an outdoor enthusiast,  and an instrument-rated private pilot (FAA)

While I previously viewed politics as a lost cause, the arrival of Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party has provided the glimmer of hope needed to convince me to enter the fray.  I really appreciate Max Bernier's, straight forward, principled approach to politics and find all of the PPC policies very much to my liking.

I am ready to help however and wherever I can in the PPC struggle to liberate Canada from the suffocating tide of political correctness that now engulfs it.  Our first task will be to reestablish the honoured tradition of free speech in Canada. Without free speech, democracy simply does not work.


Equal rights for all means special rights for none.


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Robert (Doug) Bebb - People's Party Candidate